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Special Plates

 51. Viet Special Dish - Mì Xào Thập Cẩm 

        Egg noodle combined with Shrimp, Chicken,

        Chinese sausage, Vegetables, Carrot, and Eggs.

 Crispy egg noodle  52. Vegetable or Seafood Crispy
       Egg Noodle dish --  Mì xào dòn
       The most famous Vietnamese dish: fried egg
       noodle combine with Vegetable, Tofu, or
       Seafood (shrimp, squid &imitation crab meat)
       in special "Việt" sauce.
tofu pot
53. Tofu pot - Tàu hủ kho tộ
Served with steamed jasmine rice
Tofu wrapped in soya bean sheet cooked in 
        homemade sauce sprinkled with black 
        pepper, Vietnamese country style

tofu pot
 54. Catfish pot - Cá Kho tộ
Served with steamed jasmine rice
       Catfish simmered in traditional sauce, sprinkled
       with black pepper, Vietnamese country style
 side dish
 Add to your meal a steamed dish of broccoli,
 cauliflower and carrot
  Việt Special Sandwich Platter

     Bánh mì đặc biệt

     - Vietnamese sandwich

    -  Homemade Sweet Potato fried,

    -  Choice of soft drink


    -  Sandwich only


$ 7.95
Shrimp egg roll