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Summer Rolls with shrimp
Egg Rolls
Green Papaya Salad
Triple Tempura
Viet Appetizer Dish
 Summer Rolls (shrimp)
 Egg Rolls
Green Papaya Salad
 Triple Tempura   Viet Appetizer Dish

 1. Summer Rolls (2 pieces) - Gỏi Cuốn   
        Rice paper rolls with Shrimp, Vermicelli noodles, Bean sprouts, Cilantro, Basil,
        Lettuce & side of special Peanut sauce
 2. Vegetarian Summer Rolls (2 pieces) - Gỏi Cuốn Chay   
        Rice paper rolls with Tofu, Vermicelli, noodles, Bean sprouts, Cilantro, Basil,
        Lettuce & side of special Peanut sauce
 3. Egg Rolls (2 pieces) - Chả Giò   
       Crispy rolls with Chicken, Shrimp, Carrots, Glass noodle, Vegetables & side of Fish sauce  
 4. Vegetarian Egg Rolls (2 pieces) - Chả Giò Chay  
        Crispy rolls with Tofu, Taro root, Carrot, Vegetable & side of Fish sauce or Soy sauce  
 5. Viet House's Shrimp Egg Rolls (6 pieces) - Chả giò Tôm  
(2) Crispy Scallion & Shrimp wrapped in spring roll and 
       (4) crispy sweet Potato serve with a side of Fish sauce

 6. Green Papaya salad - Gỏi Đu Đủ  
        Finely julienned Green Papaya, Carrots, Onions, Basil and chopped Peanuts,
        topped with Shrimp or dried Beef serve with Fish sauce
 7. Triple Tempura - Ba Món Chiên   
        Fried Shrimp, fried sweet Potato & fried Vegetables  
 8. Viet Appetizer Dish (8 pieces) - Bốn Món Ăn Chơi   
       (2) Summer Rolls, (2) Crispy whole Shrimp & Scallion rolls, (2) pieces of toast bread
        topped with oil Green onion and (2) crispy Shrimp with sweet Potato and flour.