Special Plates

 51. Viet Special Dish - Mì Xào Thập Cẩm                  $16.50

        Egg noodle combined with Shrimp, Chicken,

        Chinese sausage, Vegetables, Carrot, and Eggs.

 52. Vegetable or Seafood Crispy Egg   Noodle dish -- 

             --  Mì xào dòn --                                                                 $17.50

   The most famous Vietnamese dish: fried egg

       noodle combine with Vegetable, Tofu, or

       Seafood (shrimp, squid &imitation crab meat)

       in special "Việt" sauce.

53. Tofu pot - Tàu hủ kho tộ                $13.95

       Served with steamed jasmine rice

    Tofu wrapped in soya bean sheet cooked in                  homemade sauce sprinkled with black pepper,            Vietnamese country style

 54. Catfish pot - Cá Kho tộ                               $13.95

       Served with steamed jasmine rice

       Catfish simmered in traditional sauce, sprinkled

       with black pepper, Vietnamese country style

 Add to your meal a steamed dish of                      $3.95         broccoli, cauliflower and carrot

  Việt Special Sandwich Platter   $12.95

     Bánh mì đặc biệt

     - Vietnamese sandwich

    -  Homemade Sweet Potato fried,

    -  Choice of soft drink

    *  Sandwich only                                    $8.45